ASEA's annual conference brought together brand advocates from all over the world to Las Vegas for updates on the company's vision for the upcoming year. The event was held in one of Mandalay Bay's grand ballrooms, which featured 5 massive screens that filled the venue. To make their presentations stand out, ASEA needed some creative elements matched to the 21,600 x1080 dimensions setup for the event. I created several custom animations that utilized all the screens both during and between presentations.
ASEA wanted to end their annual conference on a high note with a concert that would leave attendees with a lasting impression. I was tasked with creating custom visuals to accompany William Joseph's piano performance of his song, Asturius. To add to the performance, I utilized all of the screens available, creating a stunning visual display that complemented the music. I had to complete this whole thing in less than 24 hours, which....I wouldn't recommend. 

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